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Ordering Lunch, Telepathically

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

The guys in my office were ordering lunch, from a local Mexican joint, and I was thinking “I want 2 beef tacos, crunchy, with EVERYTHING”. I never ordered since I had already brought something for lunch today. The lunch order arrived. The person that placed the order realized he had ordered extra. So what were the left overs? EXACTLY what I had thought about ordering. I have lunch ordering super powers. Just don’t drive-up to me and say “a #1, with a coke, and supersize that”. So far it only works for tacos.

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Mmmm, Lemonade.

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

I am so happy. So happy that my wonderful girlfriend A has made a great discovery. Perhaps I’m crazy, but she’s found a ‘Muscle Beach‘ in South Florida. Muscle Beach, for those who don’t know, is the alter-brand of the west coast fame ‘Hot Dog on a Stick‘ which serves up simply the best hot dog or cheese on a stick, and some of the best lemonade ever! It’s 37 miles from home, but who cares! Now all I need is a Wahoo’s Fish Taco, In-n-Out, Ruby’s, Carl’s Jr, etc. etc. in South Florida. Thanks A!

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The Floridian

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

Just ate at The Floridian, for brunch, for the first time and was pretty impressed. On Las Olas it has to be the most affordable place to eat. It’s a diner, nothing gourmet, so as long as you’re expecting a diner atmosphere, service, and food you’ll be pleasently surprised. Huge plus…. it’s open 24hrs!