CrazyEgg Must Be Crazy

A week ago I setup a trial crazyegg account because I thought their ability to produce a heatmap based on visitor clicks was pretty cool. The trial is limited to 5000 visits, and unfortunately I don’t think that crazyegg is properly measuring/tracking actual clicks. In my 5000 visits for the homepage of crazyegg reported that there were only 413 clicks — and that number is incredibly deficient of the actual number of clicks. Maybe once they get their shit together it could be a useful service, but until then I’ll save my money and stick with good ‘ol grep.

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4 Responses to “CrazyEgg Must Be Crazy”

  1. Hiten Shah says:

    Thanks for trying us out, we are working on that very issue you mentioned but just as a note, the click tracking on some websites will be skewed because of dynamically changing content, such as on the homepage of a blog. I will definately keep you posted on any updates.

  2. Joel says:

    Hiten, thanks for personally responding. I do like the concept of crazyegg, but here’s an idea…. what about basing a/the heatmap purely on the physical location of the click instead of the item that was clicked? For me, what this would do is allow me to see which areas of a page were hot property in regards to actual usability. If one region of a page never got any clicks, perhaps I could then assume that there is something wrong with the design, visual flow, etc, and that regardless of the reason I should try changing something to use that space more effectively…. OR in the opposite approach, if one region of the page was always a ‘hotspot’ that would obviously be a great place to put CPA type advertising.

  3. Hiten Shah says:

    Joel, Interesting suggestions, we are working on some of the functionality you are talking about and have been testing something along those lines for awhile, we are just in the process of refining it. Stay tuned!

  4. [...] Regardless of whether an application or website says “Beta” on it, there is usually a common grace period of 30 days (in my opinion) for applications to adjust to their specific users, and to tweak any bugs that they might have. Granted, Crazyegg isnt the most perfect application out there, but it certainly isnt incomplete either. My guess is that they pushed it out, because of such a high demand. Where else do you see an application like this, or at least one so widely advertised? You really don’t. Or maybe I’m ignorant to that fact. But regardless, people shouldn’t be so up to accusing anyone of not having their “Shit together” – Especially when you have a site like that. I’d say tone it down, relax, and be patient. It’s not like they would settle for anything less than perfect, if they wanted to. Just give them some time! Filed in General, Design, Technology Leave a Comment [...]

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