Business 2.0: Blogging for Dollars

The scary/interesting thing thats happening in the online space is how much $ some of these low traffic (in relative terms) blogs are able to demand when peddling their advertising spots. And while they may have return readers, and some of the more tech saavy may have a few rss readers, the majority of these sites dont have newsletters, don’t have interactive communities (besides ‘comments’), and really only have a 1 page view per person per day exposure. I hate to bring up old Web 1.0 terms, but the simple fact is most of the blogs out there aren’t ’sticky’. Sticky is good. Sticky means repeat exposure, which means increased brand awareness. Increased brand awareness means more word of mouth, and ultimately more bang for the buck. I honestly can’t remember what ads I saw on any of the blogs I read today, of the ones I visit daily. I think it’s much easier for community based site’s to modify their appeal to attract to blog-hoppers then it is for a single blog to mass a loyal and addicted community. Think of it this way, blogs are to community sites as one warrior is to an entire army.

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