Video Blogger Jailed

A friend of Robert Scoble’s, Josh Wolf, was apparently jailed for withholding evidence (video) of a burning of a San Francisco PD car from the Feds. I’m really shocked to see Scoble using phrases like ‘the government has scary powers and is using them’ when it comes to something like this. I’m 110% for journalists being able to shield their ’sources’, but come’on, give me a break, shooting video of people committing a crime IN PUBLIC is hardly a ’source’. Robert, if Josh shot a video of someone committing a crime in private would you have posted the same way? I believe, either way, this is simply ‘withholding evidence’, and while I’m no lawyer I’d also guess that by withholding the evidence he could actually be charged with something a bit more serious than contempt. There is no justice in protecting criminals.

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