AES 256bit Encrypted DVDs (and HDs)

Using Dekart’s PrivateDisk I’ve started encrypting all of the DVDs I burn with backup data (and contain information I wouldn’t want anyone else to have access to). The process is pretty simple, and Dekart has a tutorial. The process does take more time, than burning a DVD regularly, and especially if you’ll be writing multiple disks as you will need to create duplicates of *.dpd encrypted image file, as well as copy the backup data into it, and finally burn it all to DVD. Using PrivateDisk and your favourite burning software (Nero), all you need to do is this:

  1. Create a virtual encrypted disk (dpd file) with 4400mb (if you’re using single layer DVDs) named dvd.dpd
    • Choose a password that contains a combination of lowercase and
      uppercase letters, and digits. The encryption will take around 4000
      years (using current technology) to break via brute force.
  2. Fill the image with your files
  3. Open up your DVD burning app:
    • Take into consideration that an ISO DVD can’t have a single file larger
      than 2GB, so you’ll want to use the UDF format when you create your DVD.
  4. Copy the encrypted dvd.dpd image to the DVD root
  5. Copy all of the files from “c:\Program Files\Dekart\Private Disk\” to the DVD root
  6. Copy versnum.dll and dkar.dll from “c:\Windows\system32\” to the DVD root
  7. Create a text file named autorun.inf, that contains:
    Open=PrvDisk.exe /minimize /path:dvd.dpd
  8. Copy autorun.inf to the DVD root
  9. Burn it!

I also encrypt ‘chunks’ of my HDs to store the more sensitive data such as ‘My Documents’ and I fully encrypt backup HDs, internal or external. PrivateDisk doesn’t seem cause any loss of performance, if you’re wondering. Obviously, with regard to HDs, you need not go beyond step 2.

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  1. hadi says:

    hii my dear friend i have a problem..
    how i can open a video file with DPD extension
    pls explain simply for me(with E_mail)
    pls help me because i realy need your help
    thank u & have a good time

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