Kitten SoBe

Last night Anne and I adopted a new kitten, 5-6 weeks old, from 2 girls in South Beach that are leaving the state and needed to find a good home for him. Appropriately, we named him SoBe. While he may look black in this picture, he actually has a rich dark chocolate brown coat, with nearly black legs, and has no markings. His eyes are a yellow-green, he’s incredibly playful, cuddly, and has been eating, drinking, and using the litter just fine. Anne will be taking him to the vet today to get him all checked out. Willow, our other kittie (3+yrs old) isn’t quite sure how to act around him…. so she’s been checking him out, with the ocassional hiss as well, but I’m sure she’ll come around. It’ll be nice for her to have someone to hang out with when we’re at work/school.

UPDATE: The vet thinks SoBe is around 10 weeks old, he weighs 2lb 11oz and is healthy!
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