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Web 2.0: The Weebles in disguise!

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006
The similarity between the spread of Web 2.0 logos and the colors used by children’s toys (ie. Playskool and Fisher Price) is suspicious. I really haven’t looked into if anyone has done a study, research, etc on this. Perhaps someone has a theory about this? Or does this just mean that all of our favorite web 2.0 companies are nothing more than toys that will lose our attention in a few years, or are the Weebles taking over? Either way, they’re doomed, just give up now and wobble in peace. ;)

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Movie studios should get in the bandwidth biz.

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Ethan Kaplan points out the advantages to protocols, like BitTorrent, that lend to large downloads such as HD movies (for purchase/rent of course).

My only problem with the grand idea of doing away with physical media, at this point anyway, is that at 2 Mbps, much more than the average Joe’s downstream bandwidth, a 3GB file will take roughly 3.5 hours. 4hr 40min with a full T1.Over 9 hours at 768Kbps (closer to Joe’s average speed).

Ultimately, bandwidth needs are growing and are going to continue to grow, as are the technologies that support them.

The movie and music industries have both enjoyed tight control over their distribution models. Napster sort of mucked that up, and the land slide hasn’t stopped since. But here’s a great opportunity for both industries, as well as gaming, to invest in the pipes and technologies that pump all this data into our homes. They could make money on the content, and the delivery. The more you consume, the more they make. Pre-Napster Total Control. Different shit, same smell.

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Ordering Lunch, Telepathically

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

The guys in my office were ordering lunch, from a local Mexican joint, and I was thinking “I want 2 beef tacos, crunchy, with EVERYTHING”. I never ordered since I had already brought something for lunch today. The lunch order arrived. The person that placed the order realized he had ordered extra. So what were the left overs? EXACTLY what I had thought about ordering. I have lunch ordering super powers. Just don’t drive-up to me and say “a #1, with a coke, and supersize that”. So far it only works for tacos.

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