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Night and Day

Saturday, February 5th, 2005

Music: U2 – Night and Day (Live from MusiCares 2003)

gMail. I started forwarding all of my email to my gmail account just to make it easier to access mail while I’m in the process of moving. Well, I get such an intense volume of mail that it seems it triggered a huge increase in the number of gmail invites I have (49 left as of now)… so if anyone out there needs/wants one, please leave a comment w/your email address and I’ll see what I can do for you. In other matters, I spent a good portion of today recording a much sought after U2 performance from MusiCares 2003. The three tracks Bono performed were That’s Life, Night and Day, and The Hands That Built America, all of which are incredible to hear that man croon out live. Sinatra’s That’s Life by Bono is very similar in sound to Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad, which happens to be one of my favorite U2 songs. In other news, I’ve had to report some asshole for what I believe to be trying to defraud people on and PayPal.. in general, I think this problem is getting much worse. People suck. Prove me otherwise.

Minisize Me

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

Music: Radiohead – Talk Show Host

I’ve wanted a small lil ‘mini’ digital camera for awhile now, something I could put in my pocket and have with me w/o the hassle of a ‘normal’ size camera. A few nights ago when I was out for dinner for Aaron’s birthday Jaclyn had gotten a new camera. She was snapping away, the photos on the 2 inch LCD looked great, and it looked very easy to use. I immediately began questioning her on the price, information, make, model, etc – you’d almost have thought I was seeking out a murder suspect the way I was interrogating her. The Canon Digital Elph SD200 was in my sites now, and after pricing it out later that night as well as reading all the reviews and documentation I could find, as well as looking at sample photos, I decided this was going to be an impulse buy. Ship it to me 2nd day I told Amazon, and today it appeared on my doorstep. Already charged it up, changed some of the settings to my liking, and read a good portion of the manual… not to mention I’ve taken some test shots which I’ve been please with. I’ll be toting this lil Elph around with me from now on. Should be fun as Anne will be here soon, then off to Vegas, and then of course… _the move_.