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Fly Me to the Moon

Monday, January 31st, 2005

Music: Count Basie/Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon

I swear I could be moving to the moon. The sad part is, if it was an emergency to move, I’d be completely SOL. When it comes to sorting and packing my motivation is really come and go. Today I got some pricing on shipping my car, which seemed fairly reasonable, copied a bundle of old CD-Roms and floppy disks (you read that right!) to a harddrive and trashed all the disks (actually, they are still ‘waiting’ to go in the garbage), sorted some paperwork, ALMOST had U2 GA tickets for Boston3 but it didn’t quite work out (did I mention I hate TicketBastard, bought a 100 pack of DVD-Rs from Amazon via my store at for $30 after rebate w/free shipping, and… drumroll please… took a shower and got dressed for the day at 5pm…. just in time to go to dinner for Aaron’s birthday at T.G.I. Friday’s at The BLOCK at ORANGE. Oh, I also helped one of Allan’s friends with his pokey computer… ‘phone support’ was the prefered method as I was to lazy to actually want to go fix a Windows98 POS even for a couple hours of pay. Hopefully dinner will be good, and the company too.

Out With the Old

Sunday, January 30th, 2005

Music: Various Artists – Beach Sequence

Today was a proud day… I had a brilliant idea, a great plan, and it all came together by 3:15pm. In my efforts to pack for the move I’m needing/having to get rid of a lot of ‘junk’ that I’ve been saving, namely 6 old computers (the oldest dating back to 1994!), 2 color printers, 1 dotmatrix printer, and my first HP flatbed SCSI scanner. Took all the harddrives out, then went to the local edition of Craig’s List, posted an ad:

FREE: I’ve got 5 old computers and 5 old monitors that I need to get rid of. All are in working condition, although I’ve removed the hard drives.

Each computer ranges from a 486 to Pentium 2’s (maybe a P3, not sure). Some of the computers have additional NICs, Tuner cards, cd writers, etc. Great for someone learning about computers, or someone wanting to use them as routers, etc. If you want only one, you’re out of luck – the whole lot comes as a package deal – Its free. I’ve also got a flatbed scsi HP scanner, a couple of color inkjets, and a okidata microline printer that I’ll toss in too if you want them.
Please contact me immediately if you’re interested. I’m moving and HAVE to part with these quickly!

30 minutes later I got the first of several emails from people responding to the ad. 10 minutes later I had arranged who was the lucky ‘buyer’ and a time for the pick-up. Praise that site, I’ve neglected it since I moved back from San Francisco.

Changes In Lattitudes: Fort Lauderdale

Saturday, January 29th, 2005

Living Room

Music: Jimmy Buffett – Changes In Lattitudes

Well, I haven’t posted in over a month and I really feel terribly guilty about that – guilt only because I really wanted to keep up with this. Anwyay, in the past month and a half I spent awhile in Canada for the holidays with Anne and her family, followed by a the bachelor party I planned for Jeremy, and then back to Fort Lauderdale again to go furniture shopping for my new place (photo above: living room). Only about three weeks left until I move, I’ve been busy packing, organizing, and trying to figure out every detail of transplanting my life to South Florida. It’s seriously a lot of work… although when Jeremy and Coral did it they just ditched everything and moved in about 2 weeks. I’m not so willing to dump everything I own. It’s nice to know that I’ve got friends in a new place, but I really hope to meet some new folks as well. Time to go pack some more, I’ve already dwindled half the day away.