Mmm. Perhaps not Miami, but close – Ft Lauderdale. I’ve been here since Wednesday evening, on business and visiting friends. At this point it looks like I may indeed have a serious job offer/opportunity to create something I’ve been dreaming of for years, and a dream left unfullfilled by the defunct Musicfans. Moving to south Florida isn’t exactly close to home, is quite different, but I suppose would be a new adventure in life… not to mention, a great opportunity (as I mentioned). How life so quickly changes, twists, and turns is truly not only interesting… but odd. Someone recently gave me some amazingly wise advice, ‘Jump in the river, and see where it takes you… you never know what shore you’ll land on, or what opportunities it may bring’. So many things to think about, to figure out, but for now I’m just riding the river and will deal with everything as it comes. Challenge, change, and risk are things I’ve been looking for lately. I think they may have found me.

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