Rebates from hell

So I was at BestBuy at 4:45am. Doors opened somewhere between 5:45-6:00am… what a mad house. I ended up getting some of the limited sale items I was after (won’t mention this since some are gifts for people). The one thing I realized during the process is while they have these great prices, they are only great because of the rebates for the most part. Now _most_ rebates require you to have the original UPC to send in *DING DING DING*. If you’re giving something as a gift, how the hell do they expect you to send in the rebate? They don’t (unless the person you’re giving it to doesn’t want to return or exchange it and wants a hole in their box), I think they plan on people thinking they’re getting such an amazing bargain, but never turning the rebates in…. of course, isn’t that the idea behind rebates anyway? Three hours of sleep. Need to catch up. More shopping later… I dunno.

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  1. Phuzzie says:

    I >hate< rebates :/ well…at least the way they’re presented.

  2. Phuzzie says:

    I hate rebates…
    or at least the way they’re presented :|

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